CES 2018 Recap: Innovative Fitness Products Poised To Potentially Disrupt

This year’s massive CES Show in Las Vegas did not disappoint! As the home for everything new and innovative in consumer electronics - the health, wellness and fitness exhibitors continued to expand their footprint in the vast 2.7 million net feet of exhibit space. Here are a few of the companies and products that are [...]

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AI, VR, Video On Demand & Streaming and Digital Memberships: Recap of my Club Industry Conference on “Futurecasting Technology and the Gym of 2020”.

If you missed my conference at Club Industry in Chicago, here are a few highlights. Artificial Intelligence Have you had a conversation recently with a company online? You most likely were not speaking to a real person.  We’ve all heard about robotics replacing jobs. However, the latest technology that is poised to have an even [...]

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Gym of 2020 – Working Out at the Office

If you haven’t heard, “Sitting Disease” is the new smoking and it’s killing Americans. With the vast majority of hours being racked up in the office, individuals now more than ever, need to find ways to be physically active at their desk.  So what’s the latest in fitness technology and products? Here are a few [...]

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Gym of 2020 – Working Out Outdoors

Summer is in full swing and if you’re looking for your members, they’re most likely working out outdoors.  In my ongoing series of futurecasting The Gym of 2020, we continue to look at the evolving options outside of the gym’s four walls and its potential impact on your business. Workout at a Park, on the [...]

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The Gym of 2020 – Working Out at Home

What will the gym of 2020 look like? One of the things gym owners, trainers and equipment manufacturers should consider first, is what’s going on outside their four walls. Technology that was nearly unheard of just 10 years ago, such as wearables, fitness trackers and apps, streaming services and virtual/augmented reality, are set to have [...]

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CES-2017 – Working Out In Virtual Reality And More!

Another massive, 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space, Consumer Electronics Show has come to a close. As always, it didn’t disappoint in grabbing headlines from stories of incredible immersive VR & AR experiences, to robots and drone-style personal aerial vehicles. Some of the major themes of this years’ show were: smart-driving cars, smart home (Amazon Alexa [...]

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Commercial Fitness Equipment at CES 2016 / Life Fitness & TechnoGym

Virtual Reality, Drones and Smart Cars weren’t the only thing leading the news from this years’ Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Wearables and Health & Fitness Products made many of the top headlines. Exhibiting in the growing Fitness & Technology Marketplace were two well-known commercial fitness equipment manufacturers: Life Fitness & TechnoGym. Both companies [...]

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Life Fitness’ parent company, Brunswick Corporation, acquires Cybex for $195 Million on January 20, 2016. In an email sent today from Cybex, Art Hicks Cybex CEO and Chris Clawson President of Life Fitness announced their excitement that Cybex has joined the Life Fitness portfolio and they are now “a unified force”. Cybex, whose 2015 sales [...]

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