If you haven’t heard, “Sitting Disease” is the new smoking and it’s killing Americans. With the vast majority of hours being racked up in the office, individuals now more than ever, need to find ways to be physically active at their desk.  So what’s the latest in fitness technology and products? Here are a few creative options:

Office Furniture That doubles as Gym Equipment

Treadmill desks have been around for a while and now the data is showing how effective they really are. A 2016 study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that while standing and sitting burn nearly the same amount of calories, walking—even at a leisurely pace—can burn up to three times as many calories.

Now “Exercise Bike Desks” are being added to the lineup. FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro™ combines an on-demand, height-adjustable desk and exercise bike into one sleek, modern design. Go from sitting to cycling to standing with one, mobile, space-saving solution.

Not ready to commit to a complete exercise desk? Office Bike by Autonomous provides an affordable bike solution that replaces your office chair. The simple, compact design is advertised to fit seamlessly into your workspace, easily replacing the existing chair or stool behind your desk.

Believe it or not, you can get a core workout just by sitting at your desk.  “Get fit while you sit”. The SitTight office chair helps users practice “balanced active sitting.” In order to sit up straight, users must engage their core muscles and center their posture at all times.

Handheld Products for Workouts at Your Desk

If turning your current desk and office chair into a gym isn’t an option, take a look at these clever products that are small enough to fit in a drawer.

Activ5 is a super compact, high-tech, strength training device that should be on everyone’s desk. With over 100 different personalized isometric-based exercises, along with a coaching app and games, a full body workout is now easily obtainable from your work space.  Whether Activ5 is your only activity, or you’re supplementing missed time at the gym, the benefits are numerous.  Even serious fitness enthusiasts can see improvements in their strength and toning by adding Activ5 to their current fitness regimen. “Take 5” will now have a whole new meaning.

Inspired by Google and their understanding of the importance of recovery/myofascial release for their employees, EXOS and SKLZ  teamed up to develop the Trigger Strap. The goal was to create a solution so that the body’s own leverage would be the source of pressure, controlled by the user. Designed to be used by office workers at their desk, the Trigger Strap is able to provide soft tissue therapy, relieve tight muscles and reduce chances of injury.

Tracking Your Progress

The big news in wearables & trackers this month is from Apple with the launch of Watch Series 3. Packed with new health & fitness features, this watch includes smart activity coaching, Gym Connect and monitoring of resting and recovery heart rate. The “Stand Reminder”, that reminds you to get up and move every 50 minutes, may have to change. New research just out this month from Annals of Internal Medicine, states that we should not be sitting now for more than 30 minutes.

Gym owners, trainers and commercial equipment manufacturers should be looking at potential new opportunities to reach, and make a positive impact with this captive market segment.  And, it’s in the best interest of the Corporations to keep their employees happy and healthy.  As health, wellness and fitness brands go digital, new technology and lowering cost of entry is providing access to reach people in the office with streaming workout videos, coaching, nutrition and other potential wellness services.  Why not brand and deliver a workout series people can do at their desk or in their office?  How about a desk-gym membership?  The possibilities are limitless.

Article by: David Shaw

David is the VP of Growth Fitness Marketing, Laguna Beach. His expertise includes: creative marketing strategies and branding services for health, fitness and wellness brands along with future casting / fitness technology consulting for fitness product manufacturers and fitness centers.

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