Growth Fitness Marketing offers a variety of services to help fitness, health and wellness brands creatively market themselves using focused strategies and original communication channels.


Whether your current brand needs building, a complete overhaul or just a refresh, we can provide the core branding deliverables to understand your brands positioning, the competitive landscape, your brand voice and how to optimize through all mediums.  These deliverables include: Brand Strategy, Brand Research, Brand Identity and Brand Execution.


Social media is without a doubt, the quickest way to grow your audience and brand reach.  We can identify the channels that are the best fit for your business objectives and develop strategic social media plans that manage your brands message across all platforms.


We generate awareness and brand recognition through customized campaigns that highlight your brand’s best features and gets people talking.  You want your brand buzz to grow organically and authentically through influential channels that offer massive exposure.


We can assist you in all stages of product development, including concept, design, prototype and manufacturing.  Our experience includes developing and designing over 80 pieces of commercial exercise equipment currently utilized in hundreds of fitness facilities worldwide.


Rather than wasting your resources trying to decipher the right distribution channels and partnerships for your product, we can save you time and money by helping you identify the connections that will move your product and grow your sales.  Let us help you find the fastest to-market paths to get your product into the hands of the people that drive the fitness industry.


Every business owner and entrepreneur can get so close to a project that they no longer see it.  We can create a clear path and provide you with the marketing strategies necessary to reach your business objectives.

We are the engine that can take your passion and energy and propel your innovative brand to the next level.

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